Earth & Anchor is Proudly PALM FREE

Palm Oil is often used in soapmaking to produce a harder, more long lasting bars of soap. However, almost all Palm Oil is unsustainably produced, making it a major cause of the destruction of rainforests and the critical endangerment of several species including rhinos, orangutans, elephants & tigers. We proudly say “No” to the use of this unsustainable resource, and have opted to make our soap harder and long lasting through the use of choice ingredients & a proprietary process during the soap’s gelling phase.

Want to learn more about Palm Oil, and its impact on our environment & those who live in it? Check out these links:
You can read more about Palm Oil at the World Wildlife Federation’s website here.
And you can learn more about the devastating effects of unsustainable Palm Oil production here.
And if you really want to dig deeper, download this 48-page report in PDF format here.