Road Trip! Roswell, NM & Dallas, TX.

Road Trip!
We ventured out of sleepy Madrid for a few days to hit the big city of Dallas, TX (by way of Roswell, NM).

We took to the road in our trusty van, Trevor. Trevor is our 2003 Chevy conversion van that we gutted and built into our home away from home; Trevor is decked out with a custom built bed & super comfy memory foam mattress, plenty of storage for all of our soap & product, the most cushiony captain’s chairs you’ve ever sat your bottom in, and some sweet disco lights…yes, disco lights. We’ve travelled cross country a few times with Trevor now, and it gets a little more fun every time.

We stopped in Roswell, New Mexico for the afternoon for our first stop.
Instead of trekking East on I-40 like we usually do, we decided to cut down and across on Route 285 in order to hit Roswell. To say the Thirteen Year Old versions of us were thrilled is an understatement. Town was exactly as we expected and we had a fun time finding all of the green carved aliens all over town.

First stop was the Welcome to Roswell sign. Pretty self explanatory, but was a must-see on our list. We hit the International UFO Museum & Research Center. Established in 1991, there is lots of really great history here, well worth the $5 cost of admission. The exhibits are super lo-fi, but that’s part of the charm. We saw more than a few folks walking around with tin-foil hats and we began wondering what they knew that we didn’t…

Back on the road. We hit Lubbock, Texas and camped out in Trevor for the night. We planned to see the giant pair of Buddy Holly’s glasses in the morning, but we were too excited to get back on the road towards Dallas that we forgot. We arrived in Dallas and headed straight to the World Trade Center to set up for SHINE, the trade show we were a part of inside the Dallas Market Center. Coming from Madrid, a town of 300 people, this place was HUGE.

The event ran four days and we met a ton of people. Over the course of the four days we added a whopping eight new wholesale vendors to the Earth & Anchor family! We welcomed shops in Colorado, Oklahoma, North Carolina, Texas, and Washington.

Of course we couldn’t spend a week in Dallas without exploring their food scene. We LOVE good food. Favorite stop was The Common Table which has a great selection of local & regional beers, the best fried pickles we’ve ever eaten, and slamming smoked gouda mac & cheese (we got the cheese sweats). YUM. Off-Site Kitchen reminded us of one of our favorite restaurants in Providence, Bucktown; even down to the Shepard Fairey inspired art (Providence’s RISD was home to Shepard Fairey early in his career). Queso fries and burgers at OSK were to die for. We followed up OSK with a visit to Cake Bar, their traditional butter cake almost put us in a food coma. And finally. Who can go to Dallas without tossing back a few Deep Ellum beers? Having been introduced to the microbrewery out in NM, it was nice to be able to sample their brews right in their hometown.

We arrived back home roadworn and tired. Both signs of a great trip. We’re excited to get back to work and welcome all of our new vendors to the Earth & Anchor family! Lots of work to do, but not to worry, we’ll be heading back to Dallas in June!

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